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Library and Information

Library Facilities

1 Issue reading material for enrolled students, staff, ex-students and casual readers.
2. Issue of books through Poor Boys Fund
3. Boys Reading Room
4. Girls Reading Room
5. Cataloguing & Employment Bureau Office
6. Audio-Video Facility through T.V./ V.C.R.
7. Newspaper Reading System.
8. Display of new arrivals in the Library
9. Demonstration of Stock Room to new students.


1. Every student entering the Library should have a valid College identity Card. It should be produced as and when demanded by any of the staff.
2. Identity Card and Reader’s Ticket are not transferable.
3. Students must handle the books or periodicals with great care. Any attempt to damage books or periodicals bydefacing or tearing the pages will be treated as misconduct and strictly dealt with.
4. If the original I-Card or Reader’s ticket is lost, a duplicate will be issued on payment of Rs. 10/- .each.
5. A complete silence and strict discipline be maintained in the Library & Study Room.
6. Text books, reference books & Journals will be issued to students against I-Card.  Students are not allowed to take them outside the Study Room.
7. If any reference is required, students should approach the Librarian.
8. Every student is expected to read and strictly follow the instructions given.
9. In case of late return of books, students will have to pay a fine Rs. 1/-day.
10. Only texts books will be issued for Home-Reading.
Scholar’s Card   
To promote excellence, Scholar’s Cards are issued to the top-2 students from each class. These cards facilitate the students to borrow an additional book for home reading (2 books instead of one).
Games and Sports
The College successfully organizes Inter-Collegiate Cricket, Table- tennis, Kabaddi,
Kho-Kho competitions every year. The students of the college actively participate in various sports competitions and add to the honour of the college by their outstanding performance
Gymnastics - Single Bar, Double Bar, High Jump, Long Jump, Bull Worker, Chest Expander, Weight Lifting, Dumbles.
National Service Scheme (N.S.S.)
The Motto of N.S.S. is “ Not Me But You”.
Objectives and Goals :
Educating the students through community service.
Institutional work through “ Shramadan”.
Undertaking Rural Projects.
Encouraging students and non- students to work together along with the adults in rural areas, thus developing social awareness
Developing qualities of leadership by discovering the hidden potential in the students.
Promoting national integration in students through various activities.
Incentive marks to students.
National Cadet Corer (NCC)
The Motto of N.C.C. is “ Unity & Discipline”
The aims of N.C.C. are as follows :
To develop qualities of character, courage, comeradship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship and selfless- services among the youth to make them useful citizens.
To create human resources of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life, including the arm forces and be always available for the service of the nation.

Infrastructural Facilities:

The college has a big campus of  5 acres 20 gunthas
Shri.Shivaji Education Society, Amravati started and completed the construction of the main building. The main building was later inaugurated on dated 09.02.1979 by Hon’ble Sharadchandraji Pawar, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra State. This is an enormous building to fulfil the need of the classrooms.
In 1992-93 another construction for office and library was made. The Administrative Building exists in two – storey. The first floor upon it was constructed which provided a open Hall (Auditorium) of 2800 sq.ft. and bridge connecting both the main building and administrative building is constructed in course of time.
There is U.G.C. Network Resource Centre and vehicle stand too.
In 2001-02, under the IX th plan period the University Grants Commission provided the assistance for the construction of Home-Economics laboratory as the subject was started newly in the institution.
There is a rich and prosperous library in the college. There are approximately 20,000 books in the college library. The library has the largest stock of the old as well as the recent books on all diverse subjects. Reference books are also available in a large quantity.
Drinking water tank, Gymnasium, tea-canteen etc. are available here.
Junior college was started in the year 1975.
M.C.V.C. (HSVC) was started in the year 1992
All teachers are well-versed in knowledge and information. Students obtain quality education here.
Workshop is available for the students of H.S.V.C.
At the entrance of the college there is a beautiful garden which is taking beautiful shape. It is divided into two symmetrical parts by the entrance road.
A spacious playground is available for the students to play different games.
There is girls common room for the girls of the college for recreation.
Reading room facility is available for the students to read books and reference books.
There is a big building for Health Centre.
Under XI th plan of U.G.C. the college received financial assistance for the construction of Women’s hostel. The work is in progress and the hostel will be functional in the next session.
Extention Activities
Social Work
Health & Hygienic Awareness
Medical Camp
Blood Donation Camp
Pulse Polio Immunization Camp
Nature Club
Community Development
Aids Awareness
Environment Awareness
The College
College at a glance
General Information
LMC of College
Code of conduct
Admission procedure
Fee Structure
Mission & Goals
Campus Facilities


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